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Dr. Sciaroni is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine 受伤 and conditions.  She focuses her practice in sports medicine including ACL injury and rotator cuff as well as general Orthopaedic surgery, with particular interest in surgery and 康复 of the shoulder and knee. Dr. Sciaroni认为,成功来自团队合作, and her patients are informed and active participants in their recovery process.  She is committed to helping her patients maintain a fulfilling and active lifestyle, and will partner with her patients to determine the best surgical and nonsurgical approaches to meet their goals and expectations. Dr. Sciaroni采用创新和完善的程序进行评估, 诊断和治疗骨科损伤和病症, staying current with important developments in orthopedics to remain at the forefront of innovation. 当他不在办公室的时候. Sciaroni通常可以在山的某个地方找到. 或者去马林海岬,徒步旅行,或者骑她的公路自行车或山地车. 欲知更多有关. Sciaroni在 www.drsciaroni.com.



Natalia Balytsky is an Anesthesiologist and pain management specialist with over 15 years experience. 在乌克兰学医, Natalia transitioned to the Unites States to the University of Pittsburg and University of California 旧金山 where she was a clinical fellow. 加入ssmmg团队之前, Natalia worked at Bay Area Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine as a pain management specialist. Natalia brings valuable knowledge and experience to join our team of specialists and surgeons.



Dr. 费尔南德斯以B的成绩毕业于纽约的哥伦比亚大学.A. 在经济学 & received his medical degree from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia in 1991. 他的训练继续在圣. 在旧金山的玛丽医学中心专注于物理医学 & 康复. 1996年,他担任矫形外科主任 & 背部疼痛中心诊所在EI Paso,德克萨斯州 & later pursued academic interests at the University of California at 旧金山's Department of Occupational & 1997年环境医学. Since then, he continues to explore the complementary roles of acupuncture, joint mobilization, & 脊髓的干预.


威廉R. 坎贝尔,做

Dr. 坎贝尔是一个委员会认证的骨科医生治疗 工人补偿和私人best365手机版官方网站保险 在旧金山湾区的病人中.  治疗中心包括旧金山、奥克兰、圣罗莎和瓦列霍. 拥有数千个病例的经验. 坎贝尔 brings a well-honed skill set to those patients in need of surgical treatment for their 肩膀,膝盖和一般整形外科 受伤.  然而, 每个病人都不一样, 很多时候,不需要大量的药物治疗也能获得良好的效果, 积极治疗或手术. Dr. 坎贝尔 derives a great deal of satisfaction working with his patients as they choose from the various treatment options that best match their goal. Dr. 坎贝尔是 几乎在所有MPN中被普遍接受 (包括最近更新的SCIF/港口卫生系统)以及 私人best365手机版官方网站保险 运营商(包括布朗 & 托兰). Dr. 坎贝尔也是一名 骨科问.M.E. 并被公认为 AME 被Ratto, Hanna Brophy, Boxer等公司多次使用 & Gerson, Laughlin Falbo和其他人.  Practicing within the worker’s compensation arena for almost a decade has produced a keen understanding of the various issues surrounding AOE/COE, 运输大亨, 伤残等级, 分摊, future medical care and the various other complexities of the med-legal evaluation process. Dr. 坎贝尔 维持着几个医疗法律办事处 (见下文),目前的预约为一至两个月. Dr. 坎贝尔 attended medical school at the Chicago College of Osteopathic medicine. 晚些时候, he completed his orthopedic surgical residency in the Michigan State University system, 并获得德克萨斯大学医学分部的奖学金. 预约请致电: Kerry Esquivel - (51)-451-4142 x 275 旧金山,戴利城,奥克兰,萨克拉门托,圣罗莎, 费尔菲尔德,瓦列霍,布伦特伍德,胡桃溪. 治疗办事处- (415)409-7364 旧金山,奥克兰,圣罗莎和瓦列霍


Angela Giertych, PT, DPT, CHWC

Dr. Angela Giertych earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of California 旧金山 and 旧金山 State University and a certification in Health and Wellness Coaching from Wellcoaches. 通过她的临床培训和丰富的病人护理经验, she developed  a passion for empowering people through intrinsic motivation and the use of mindful behaviors for  lifelong wellness. 她重视移情交流的力量, 跨学科合作, 勇敢的出现让病人和医护人员都感到振奋. ​Angela champions well-being by illuminating patient strengths so they can overcome daily challenges and feel their very best. 展望慢性疼痛护理的创新未来, she promotes impactful wellness solutions through personalized health management technologies. 


巴里·Meskin DPM

Dr. Barry Meskin has a well-established reputation as an excellent and responsible clinician, 致力于以一种务实的方式提供护理, 高效率及具成本效益的方式.  他20年的创伤治疗经验, 运动损伤, medicine and industrial work 受伤 has earned him the respect of both colleagues and patients. 出生于南非的约翰内斯堡. 梅斯金在25岁时移民到美国. In 1992 he completed his medical and surgical training in 旧金山 where he became a 足病医学博士 (DPM). Dr. Meskin’s internship and residency training was completed at the city and county Hospitals of 旧金山 General and Oakland Highland Hospital. His inspiration and interest in working with injured individuals comes from both his father, 丹尼斯Meskin, MD,  and in serving as an Orthopedic Trauma Corpsman at the largest South African Military Hospital during the 南非边境战争s. Dr. Meskin is a credentialed provider in excellent standing with most Medical Provider Networks. In addition, he has been selected as a Preferred Panel Provider with many employers and carriers.  除了他的行医经验, his experience as a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) enables him to evaluate disability and write medical-legal reports based on objective evidence and places scientific methods relative to causation. Dr. 梅斯金在旧金山和核桃溪地区治疗IPM患者.



Michael Johnston graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 2000. He obtained his Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and was board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine the same year. 毕业后, 迈克尔搬到了成都, China to continue his studies at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 回到美国后.S. 迈克尔于2003年在加州获得了董事会认证. 迈克尔曾在几家医疗机构工作,包括私人诊所, 小组练习, 医院, 和社区诊所. He has over 18 years of clinical experience with special interest in pain reduction and pain management using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 他的哲学一直是治疗整个病人. He utilizes all aspects and modalities Chinese medicine has to offer in order to tailor the most effective treatment plan for each patient. 他是5个出版物的合著者和编辑. 在他的职业生涯中,迈克尔曾在纽约、科罗拉多和加州行医. 迈克尔和他的妻子和两个儿子住在圣罗莎,加州.